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My name is Yuliya Gwilym (Sobotyuk), I am an illustrator, designer and children's book author of Slavic blood based in the Netherlands. I also hold creative workshops for little ones called Rokkakukids.

This blog is about my daily work, inspiration and art activities with children. For commissions and collaborations please contact me via email.

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  1. The bad unicorn - Yuliya Sobotyuk

    This is the comic I made for Frank Santoro’s competition 2013. I’ve got to say that I never made a comic before but this competition made me see comics in a whole new way. Hope you like it :)

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    Ian just read this to Sarah in a high-pitched lady voice and made all the different characters have voices and it was...
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    Amazing. Like a Russian fairy tale gone wrong / hip and 21st century.
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