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I am an illustrator and designer of Slavic blood based in the Netherlands. I mostly illustrate things but recently I've also been working as a children's book author. For commissions or collaborations please contact me via email.

This blog is about my work, inspiration, daily life and art activities with children.


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ABC of Reading

  1. Working on the last 14 pages of the “Mirror Me”


  2. "The next day, Mom took me to see an expert she found on the internet. He ran tests and asked lots of questions." (Mirror Me)



  3. started the day with drawing sweet mama child.


  4. some progress printed.


  5. I wanted to say big THANK YOU to the wonderful and hardworking Dana Pavlychko from Osnovy publishing for organizing this creative presentation of my “12 Months” children’s book and also to my mum who came there to support, take beautiful photos and basically to be my eyes. Thank you to my friends who visited the event and of course to all our little guests and their parents who took part in our workshop! I’ll never miss such a wonderful event ever again!!!


  6. would you trust him?


  7. "The next day, Mom took me to see an expert she found on the internet. He ran tests and asked lots of questions." (Mirror Me)

    Was having fun drawing Rorschach tests today.


  8. layouts.


  9. Arsenal book festival started yesterday in Kiev, Ukraine. Being one of the largest book fairs and most anticipated cultural events in Ukraine it wasn’t easy to make it happen this year because of the critical political situation in the country. I am very thankful to everyone who worked hard and made it real because the spirit of art and culture should never die even at the hardest times! This Sunday the 13th of April “Osnovy publishing” will host the official presentation of my children’s book “12 Months”. Unfortunately I won’t be there physically but will with my heart and soul! 


  10. leytonpark:

    cover for bambi by felix salten



  12. I am trying to figure out how to draw girls (Vanessa and her reflection Mirror me Vanessa) in a way that it won’t be quite obvious but still noticeable… 


  13. rowantedge:

    Rowan Tedge - Garden Glasses - 14.


  14. little boy is my favourite character now.


  15. "daydreams" finished.