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My name is Yuliya Gwilym (Sobotyuk), I am an illustrator, designer and children's book author of Slavic blood based in the Netherlands. I also hold creative workshops for little ones called Rokkakukids.

This blog is about my daily work, inspiration and art activities with children. For commissions and collaborations please contact me via email.

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  1. comique-app:

    Here’s the final piece of the web catalog puzzle: you can share your favourite comics straight from Comique! Your friends will get a link to the comic’s page on comique.co, and Twitter and Facebook posts will come out all fancy with thumbnails and stuff.

    Pretty sure that iOS 8 is going to add even more options to this list, so more services (like Tumblr) will be available in the near future.

    some updates from Comique


  2. I’m selling digital prints of read to your children illustrations. A4 size, 150 gram paper, will look good as nursery posters :)


  3. Some more pictures from #kidsagainstwar workshop in Kiev. 


  4. Young children learn by imagining and doing that’s why pretend play is very important. I’m making puppets for the next craft activity for Bloesem kids which I’m going to share very soon!


  5. Now artists can share links of their comics made for comique on social media!


  6. ssoja:

    A page from my upcoming children book “Le Petit loup Rouge” (The little red wolf) ~( *V*)~

    Very inspiring illustration by Amélie Fléchais.


  7. I am thrilled to share the cover of the children’s book I have been working on together with the author Bradin Farnworth. It’s a pleasure to illustrate a story of such a talented storyteller. His works are equally enjoyable by both kids and adults. 


  8. "Kids against war" workshop in Kiev, Ukraine.


    On the 14th of August the first anti-war workshop for children took place in Kiev, Ukraine. It was such a hot day and the air conditioner at the gallery was broken. I felt a little jealous of all the little ones running around in their underpants.

    When I first thought of the idea for Kids against war, I couldn’t imagine the amount of support I was going to receive! There was help from all kinds of people. Starting from Kseniya Bukshina who took care of the event organisation in Kiev and who was my partner from the start to the end, the team of Karas Art Gallery who volunteered to host the event (and trusted us with their perfect white walls even when we told them about 25 young children armed with paintbrushes and gouache), my friends and family who helped out on the day of the event, and finally all those people who I never met but who came to participate along with their children, open hearts and a lot of humanitarian aid. 


    I am so grateful to all of them and I want to believe that we will keep spreading the anti-war standpoint further together with children from all over the world.

    The website for Kids Against war initiative is in the making, but for now you can read more about it and see more photos here.



  9. comique-app:

    Here’s what a comic looks like in the web catalog. The comic page is actually a slider that takes you pagelet by pagelet through the comic’s preview.

    On the iPhone, this webpage looks quite different — and it also has an ‘Open in Comique’ button so you can start reading the comic right away.

    And hey! The Golden Harp looks good, dunnit?


  10. comique-app:

    I’m working on a web catalog for Comique. Up next: dedicated comic pages (with previews!) that you can link your friends/readers to.


  11. comique-app:


    No Electric Candyland this week, but I am finishing up The Golden Harp, a short story comic (also starring Liz) for Sam Gwilym’s Comique app. Heres a panel from it. Coming soon-ish.

    Gorgeous. I’m absolutely thrilled with how Jesse’s gone about making this comic: this is going to be a great first look at what comics made for mobile can be.


  12. tracing and inking, trying to design a logo for kids’ related business with two active mamas in charge.


  13. I am selling totes! They are all yellow inspired by super hot dutch summer we are having this year! get them on my etsy!



  14. Veggie creatures DIY

    Playing with food is famously fun among kids but we tent to not encourage this when a family gather around dinner table for a meal. But why not to let your little helpers play with fresh colourful veggies while you are cooking? This activity is proved to be lots of fun by children and myself and it’s full of curious discoveries too: how do different vegetables smell? do they have seeds inside? why does the juice come out when we prick the skin of the vegetable? Your children will surely come up with much more questions. Have fun!

    What you will need:

    - aubergine
    - bell pepper
    - carrot
    - two tiny potatoes
    - ginger
    - scissors
    - skewers (or toothpicks)
    - knife
    - ribbon (optional)
    - chopping board

    Note: you can replace, mix and match vegetables according to your fridge stock and colour choice. Just make sure those are not soft/juicy vegetables.

    Step 1
    Using scissors cut your skewers into small pieces. 

    Step 2
    Chop up ginger into 4 bits (it’s going to be your creature’s legs) and carrots into multiple bits (it’s going to be eyes, noses or perhaps a mouth). Now take your little vegetable parts and little potatoes and skewer them all one by one.

    Step 3
    Then stick the “body-parts” onto the big veggies.

    Step 4
    We made a creature that looks like a mole and an alien mouse! What have you got?

    Step 5.
    Play with your creatures while dinner is simmering :)

    Have fun in the kitchen! 

    If you want to see more DIY for little ones I make for Bloesemkids, go check it out on their website.


  15. I’m making a limited amount of hand painted cotton totes with yellow characters to celebrate the hottest Dutch summer I remember! They are going to be for sale ;)