My name is Yuliya Gwilym (Sobotyuk), I am an illustrator, designer and children's book author of Slavic blood based in the Netherlands. I also hold creative workshops for little ones called Rokkakukids.

This blog is about my daily work, inspiration and art activities with children. For commissions and collaborations please contact me via email.

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  1. Sending some illustrations of “Mirror me” for the book illustration contest. Fingers crossed!


  2. donyatodd:

    Peek of a thing I’m doing for Comique #comic

    can’t wait to see more

    (via comique-app)


  3. Crafty three-year-old party was a lot of fun, even though these butterflies/cats look a bit too serious :)


  4. liam-barrett:

    Broken heart, drawn in the Egyptian style.

    This is for my exhibition on the 20th, If you live near Antwerp please come. Details HERE.


  5. comique-app:

    I’ve been posting a lot about the app, but that’s not even one half of the story.

    You’ve seen a handful of comics posted on this blog from wonderful artists like Jesse Tise, Tyler Landry, and Yufrukt — and if you’re an artist yourself, maybe this has given you an idea of how you could work this format.

    And if so, you should check out this link and drop us a line. Because not only does it make me happy to see the Comique catalog grow with such great work, but it’s also just a treat to work alongside such lovely people.


  6. Getting ready for a crafty birthday workshop tomorrow with these cardboard guys. I hope the birthday girl who is turning three will have fun painting them together with her little guests. I think there are going to be some farm animals and other attractions at the party, hope to have enough time to take some photos :)

    If you want to know more about Rokkakukids activities and party arrangements, check out this page 


  7. comique-app:

    It’s not the size that matters, it’s th—holy crap that’s big

    Here we are, Comique is ready for submission. I am so proud of Sam for such hard work! 


  8. working on the right kind of season 🍁🍂


  9. I want to live in Steven Universe world and sing this song every morning!


  10. books made by preschoolers, what can be more inspiring? The title of the first book suppose to be “a very mean swimming pool guard that was keeping a park” 👀


  11. while I had an extremely stressful interview (in Dutch!) Sam wrote an interesting blog post for #Comique with his thoughts about formats and sizes. Read it at


  12. comique-app:

    Unlike interfaces or websites we can’t make responsive comics. We can’t satisfactorily reorganise a comic page to any given size, because the constraints in comics are so much more than just width and height: images and text must be legible, there must be an intuitive path (or paths) for your eyes…


  13.  Today we spent some time discovering dunes which is the most beautiful part of the Hague, I think. We cycled all the way to the end of the bike path, had a stroll along the sea and I took some pictures of the signs designed by Dick Bruna and of Sam (because he is my favourite). 


  14. comique-app:

    New screencast of a near final build of Comique, which is easier to see now that I can easily record straight from the phone. Performance improvements, new animations, comique:// links, sharing, purchase restoring and some real comics.

    Forgot to show off deleting comics, but… why would you want to do that anyway?


  15. the board of progress…