A b o u t _ Y u f r u k t My name is Yuliya Gwilym (Sobotyuk), I am an illustrator, designer and children's book author of Slavic blood based in the Netherlands. I'm also part of Comique comics publishing platform team and I design creative workshops for little ones called Rokkakukids.

This blog is about my daily work, inspiration and art activities with children. For commissions and collaborations please contact me via email.

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  1. Halloween craft for little ones in the making.


  2. The poster I illustrated for Osnovy publishing for their Halloween activities. This version has no text. 


  3. I wish I could read this!

    (Source: makunouchi-illustrations)


  4. Yuliya illustrates beautiful books such as this richly textured and vibrant one featuring a baby bird sparrow and his Mama as they journey through the 12 months of they year, learning about the seasons. It is so far one of my children’s favorite books of the moment.”

    Thank you Hello Wonderful for this review of my children’s book 12 Months!

    Every time someone mentions that their child enjoyed my story, I feel content and nothing else matters. 


  5. guess who


  6. Here is the first page of my new comic for Comique! I was told that the happy end at Coco gets jealous came too fast, so I’m trying to change it for this one and make a happy end be a slightly-less-happy end :)


  7. mariannamadriz:

    After much delay, I’m happy to say

    °☆. I FINALLY opened my Etsy shop! °☆.

    You’ll be able to find my Charmer t-shirts & totes, a few copies of 'Man from a Golden Land', limited copies of my new zine GALS, prints, screen prints and more!

    I’ll be selling many more new items soon, so keep an eye out!

    Please feel free to browse, share with your friends and (why not!) buy a few things for yourself! 


    Marianna’s shop is open!


  8. comique-app:

    As a first step towards breathing a bit more life into artists.comique.co, there is now a full list of artists using the site, with their comics and links to their websites (with Tyler Landry somehow at the top, lookin’ pretty mighty!)

    Anyway, there’s a whole evening’s worth of links to great comics in there. And maybe it’ll encourage you to update your profiles, artists 😏

    I’ll be updating the Artists page as time goes on to better reflect the activity going on around the site. Maybe a wall/shoutbox? Little news snippets? Do you have anything you’d like to see?

    Looks good to me :)


  9. rosiebrand:

    Giants and Warriors!!!!!!!

    New serialised minicomic put out by jazzdadbooks by rosiebrand !!

    G&W Part One will be available at safarifestival this month, everybody come and seee.

    reblog reblog!

    Giants & Warriors by Rosie Brand.


  10. I am working on a new comic for Comique! It has a Halloween theme and I hope to make it on time for Halloween (not much time left!). These are three imaginary beings from Slavic mythology that my characters are vaguely based on. The first one is called Leshy, the Forest Lord with blue blood who protects animals and trees of the forest. 

    The second one is Alkonost who is a creature with the body of a bird but the head of a beautiful woman (in my comic not so beautiful). It makes wonderful sounds and those who hear these sounds forget everything they know and want nothing more ever again.

    And the last one is Zmey Gorynych aka Slavic Dragon. In Ukrainian fairytales (which I grew up with) he usually has three heads and spits fire.  


  11. Cross with Thalys for making trains from the Hague to Paris such an expensive experience. Especially when Studio Ghibli layout designs exhibition is happening at the Art Ludique. Luckily it’s until March 2015, so hope I’ll have a chance to see it.


  12. If you were an unpopular monster, what would you do?


  13. comique-app:


    Hey everybody ! Here is a “promo picture” (i can call it like that I guess) for my comique-app comic ! I’ll post wip until it will be ready for the lucky Iphone people (I don’t even have a phone right now, died in the ocean…it’s sleeping in a coffin full of rice waiting to be resurected…)  So I’m working hard to bring cool new fresh adventure, exploration, and horror (?!) to your phones ! 

    be ready for it ! 

    I’m not sure I’m ready for this! I’m simply blown away by the kinds of compositions that artists like Valentin are packing into such a compact format.



  14. Comique launch week roundup


    It’s been a big week for Comique, and we couldn’t be happier. Comique’s on the App Store and our lovely users have been leaving their reviews:

    Tiny is good ★★★★★ by - Version - MisterMendo by - Version - 1.0 by - Version - Oct 2, 2014

    I totally recommend this app. The curation of the artists, the interface and even the support is great.

    Get it! ★★★★★ by - Version - Dean mutu by - Version - 1.0 by - Version - Sep 29, 2014

    Great idea and an awesome app!

    Fantastic! ★★★★★ by - Version - Princecharles99 by - Version - 1.0 by - Version - Oct 1, 2014

    This app is really well made and the comics hosted here are amazing. GENIUS!

    So it works!!! Thank you to our lovely users! Aaaaa

    Updates to artists.comique.co

    I managed to sneak in a few improvements this week:

    Artists and comics

    We’re working hard on getting artists.comique.co in front of more artists, and more comics in the catalog. The most important thing is keeping the standard of quality high and working with artists whose comics we love.

    This week we’ve done well on that front and have brought some very talented people into the fold — like Valentin Seiche, for instance. Boom!

    (We’re also expecting to publish a few new comics in the coming weeks, more on that soon)

    Thank you!

    That’s just a slice of what we’ve been up to this week — the response to Comique has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve been busy supporting users, chatting with artists, squishing bugs and saying thank you!

    So have a great weekend, and go read some comics!


  15. finally starting a new project :)